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Utility Rebates and Incentives

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The Utility Rebates and Incentives Process

Over $4MM in Incentives Secured in 2013

Orion Lighting Solutions secured over $4MM in utility rebates and incentives money for our customers in 2013. We’re proud of the fact that we were the single largest participant in the Energize Indiana Incentive Program for 2013. We know what we’re doing… Don’t try to ‘Go-it-Alone’ and leave incentives on the table.

Understand Utility Rebates and Incentives Prior to Making Lighting Choices

Some companies will send you the incentive forms to fill out after they’ve supplied your lights. They do that because they know there are utility rebates and incentives out there, but they don’t truly understand what they are and how to properly submit the forms and paperwork to maximize the incentive. Our specialists meet with utility representatives constantly so that they understand the constant changes in program rules as well as the intricate details of custom vs. prescriptive incentives. The Lumen Squad is able to provide that knowledge up-front making it highly-probable that utility providers will approve the submittal.

Financial Metrics and Analysis

Our proprietary process provides our customers with the financial metrics necessary to make informed business decisions. Our methods include analyzing all aspects of the project and returning metrics such as internal rate of return, cost of waiting, payback period, as well as additional financial calculations that lenders and accountants require prior to investing in capital projects.
Utility Rebates and Incentives Processing and Consulting

Invoicing With or Without the Incentives

Flexible solutions that allow you to use the approved incentive to pay your invoice. We want it to be as easy as possible to do business with us. As long as the solution is a WIN-WIN for both of us, we will do it. We forge long-term partnerships, and we can’t do that by making short-term decisions. Your Lumen Squad Lighting Specialist will be able to help determine the best method for your business.

Experience. Period.

With over 10 years in business and millions in utility rebates and incentives secured, Orion Lighting Solutions is the only choice that makes any real sense.

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