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What Is A Lighting Retrofit?nnA lighting retrofit is the process of replacing components of an existing lighting system with components that are either more efficient, produce better light quality, or both. There are some costs associated with a retrofit, yet for many it makes sense since the changes not only make a facility more eco-friendly but can result in significant improvements in employee morale, employee productivity and long-term energy savings for the property owner or tenant.nnHow do you save money?nnThe formula for determining your facility’s energy consumption is rather straightforward. You save money by reducing the draw of kW from your electric utility provider.nn Energy Consumption = Watts Used (kW) x TimennThe two ways to reduce energy use are to decrease the amount of energy or watts used or cut back on the amount of time you have your lights on. Lighting retrofits can meet both of these needs and take into account much more than just simply the cost of a system. New lighting technologies such as LED and induction are much more efficient than older incandescent and HID light sources and many of the new technologies can be utilized in conjunction with high-tech lighting controls, occupancy sensors, day-lighting monitors, and electronic energy monitoring to help reduce the draw of electricity.nnYou also need to factor the cost to maintain older lighting systems. While the actual lamps may in fact be lower in initial cost, you have to factor the cost of replacing the older lamp multiple times over the course of a 3-5 year period, including the time it takes to procure the lamp and the time and cost associated with having it replaced. Typical new technologies such as LED and Induction can last as much as 100,000 hours of burn time. Older lighting technology would need to be replaced multiple times over the course of that lifetime.nnHow much can you save?nnThe amount your facility can save by performing a lighting retrofit will vary depending on the makeup of your current system, your local utility rates, any incentives offered by the utility companies and/or state and federal agencies, and the new lighting technology that you incorporate, and the maintenance cost associated with maintaining the older lighting systems. nnTypical customers reduce energy costs by 30-50%, considering lighting generally makes up 30-40% of a facility’s electric bill. Depending on the size of your building, that can equate to significant overall savings. Adding lighting controls only adds to the savings, since you are able to keep rooms and areas of the building illuminated only when necessary.nnEmployee ProductivitynnImproving the light in your facility can also yield savings in the form of increased and improved employee productivity and moral. It is proven that when employees feel good and are happy, they are more productive.nnSafetynnAll companies want to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Improving the light sources around employees may also decrease OSHA and workers compensation claims. Providing a safer work environment for your employees can yield to lower turnover, which can result in significant savings to a company.nnFor an estimate of how much you can save by doing a lighting retrofit with The Lumen Squad at Orion Lighting, take a look at our energy savings calculator and plug in some basic calculations. The calculator will act as a guide to help assist in the process. The Lumen Squad at Orion Lighting can also come to your facility and do a full building audit if you are interested in a more detailed proposal of potential cost savings. nnContact a member of the Lumen Squad by calling 574-293-5800 or using our contact form on this site.