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Consult. Retrofit. Supply.light bulbs and light fixtures by Orion lighting solutions

Not necessarily in that order. Each building is different. Each situation is different. By partnering with Orion Lighting Solutions (OLS), you gain the expert knowledge of Certified Lighting Specialists trained in all lighting technologies, not just LED.

Do you have the time to really educate yourself on all of the changes in the lighting industry? That’s where we come in. At Orion Lighting Solutions, we’re experts in the field of lighting. We don’t sit back and wait for you to tell us what you want. We educate our partners, show them what’s out there, what’s new, so that they can make solid, informed decisions for their businesses. We want you to think of us as an extension of your business. As your supply partner with access to a variety of lighting technologies, we ensure you continue to receive the lighting that best fits your business, and when your ready to try new technology, we assist.

There may be situations in your facility where a variety of different lighting technologies is the best fit for your business and your building. If you aren’t presented with the data and educated on the pros and cons of those technologies, you can’t make the best decision for your specific situation.

At OLS, we provide commercial lighting solutions:Warranty Service For Lighting Programs

Financing and Lease Options
Facility Audits and Reporting
Rebate and Incentive Consulting
Full-Service Lighting Supply
The OLS Advantage Warranty Program
Multi-Location and Franchisor Programs
Preferred Electrical Contractor Programs
Web-Based Ordering and Replenishment

Consult. Retrofit. Supply. It’s the way we operate our business. Simple… Effective… We forge partnerships by creating value. At Orion Lighting Solutions, it’s our goal to be your only call for all of your lighting needs.

Lighting, it’s what we do.