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Who is the Lumen Squad at Orion Lighting Solutions…

Our committed team of energy experts, trained in lighting science, can helpAward Winning Utility Incentive Trade Ally you with facility audits and retrofits, lighting design, or MRO supply of your warehouse and industrial facilities, restaurants and retail facilities, medical and dental offices, hospitality and convention centers, multifamily properties and office buildings.  Just about any commercial property can take advantage of some of the efficiency measures provided by OLS.

Our talented Lumen Squad team members go through a variety of training programs, developed specifically for commercial facilities and are committed to reducing our partners' energy use and improving the quality of light in their facilities.

Having an educated professional guide you through the process is invaluable. You can feel confident that when a member of The Lumen Squad from Orion Lighting Solutions makes recommendations, it comes from an educated, experienced lighting and energy professional, and not someone just guessing at what might work.

We help our partners reduce energy use and improve overall light-quality, which in turns improves productivity, can enhance moral and can make your workplace a safer environment.  We create the right light for an individual situation.  We create shadows where shadows need to be created.  We help you improve your overall business, including the bottom line.

We are not an electrical distributor.  We do not sell commodity electrical parts.  There are companies for that.  We specialize in lighting.  We know it inside out.  Working in cooperation with your preferred electrician allows you to enjoy the comforts of contractors you already know, combined with the expertise of a Certified Lighting and Energy Specialists.

Our Process is Simple:  Consult. Retrofit. Supply.  We help you wade through the legislation changes, the technology changes, and determine the best lighting technology for each area of your building.  We provide comprehensive reporting and analysis so that you know exactly what to expect, and we walk you through the process of filing for incentives and rebates.

The Lumen Squad from Orion Lighting Solutions has two Midwest locations and has been assisting our partners for more than 15-years.

Give us a call and let’s see if we can add you to the list of satisfied partners.

Kirk Mathews, President
Orion Lighting Solutions