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Acandescent Lighting Technology Aims to Change to Industry

A startup in Massachusetts, founded by John Goscha, the man who developed IdeaPaint, the paint that turns your wall into a whiteboard, has spent two years developing the next new lighting technology, Acandescent lighting.

Acandescent technology looks to replace the incandescent light bulb much like LED looks to replace the incandescent light bulb, but with the warmth and glow that we are all familiar with.  It is too early to tell how the technology will take off, or if it will take off at all, but they have some deep-pocket investors backing their bet.

Early specs show that Acandescent light is not quite as energy efficient as LED, but still pretty good when compared to traditional incandescent lighting.  The 60w equivalent A19 runs at 14.5 watts, with a rated life of 15,000 hours.  The lamp does carry a 10-year warranty, which is bold considering it isn’t even on the market yet.  The lumen output of the 14.5w A19 is stated at 800-lumens, for 55 lumens/watt.

Acandescent lighting technology developed by FinallyI personally am looking forward to seeing one these first-hand and can’t wait to get one in our shop.  As you know, we are lighting geeks….

Here’s to John and his team for developing new lighting technology.  Should we expect to see the technology licensed to many of the big brands in the near future?  Maybe….


Kirk Mathews
The Lumen Squad

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